About Africa Center for Health Leadership (ACHL)

About Africa Centre for Health Leadership (ACHL)

Africa Centre for Health Leadership seeks to address inequity in healthcare by developing leadership capacity at all levels and through a reorientation of policy makers, service providers and all key actors on transformational leadership and results-based programming. ACHL core program area is Human Resources for Health towards enhancing Universal Health Coverage.

ACHL Vision

In ACHL, we see an African continent where all nations will have access to high quality and equitable health care and social services through transformed healthcare systems made possible through their active participation and dynamic leadership.

Our History

Africa Centre for Health Leadership (ACHL) is a non-profit organization which evolved from the Healthcare Leadership Project in Africa (HELPA), a health work force capacity building project which started in 2003 and became fully incorporated as a non-governmental organization in 2013. ACHL contributes to addressing the healthcare challenges in Africa through strengthening healthcare institutions in public and private sectors to institutionalize transformational and empowering leadership models for result-based delivery of health care services.


Our Program Strategies

  • Leadership and management capacity development program for public and private sectors: community, faith-based, and youth organizations working in the ASRH/HIV/AIDS, Maternal Health, Malaria and TB
  • Support policy development, program design and advocacy for improved gender and youth responsive healthcare delivery
  • Technical support to health care institutions in program leadership and management, results-based management, M&E, and operations research for improved service delivery and human resources for health
  • Implementing behavioural change programs including health education, ¬†health promotion, community dialogues and sensitization programs