Mentoring Program for Professionals interested in International Development and NGO sector Careers and Opportunities

Mentoring Program for Professionals interested in International Development and NGO sector Careers and Opportunities

An exciting new project developed by the Africa Centre for Health Leadership that matches professionals especially those from resource constrained settings, together with international development executives and NGO leaders from around the world.  Carefully connecting professionals to find that optimal and harmonious balance between purpose, passion and professional development to optimize one’s potential and deliver greater social good


Creating a Mentoring relationship to achieve the mentee’s goals of starting an international development career and for moving up the ladder rapidly for those already in employment through improving their knowledge, skills, and performance. Connecting you with an expert “who acts as a trusted advisor, support, teacher and wise counsel to another person (often called the mentee). The mentor provides support by offering information, advice and assistance in a way that empowers the person they are mentoring.”


  • To provide an understanding of how the development/NGO sector works
  • Responds to complaints of frequent and several applications to development organizations without a favorable response, highlight what the possible issues are and how to package successful applications to international agencies/NGOs and development partner organizations
  • Equipping participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to access gainful employment in development organizations and critical the successful factors for staff retention.


Benefits for the mentee:

  • Support to take control of your career and develop achievable career goals, identify, or activate your career plan or personal self-development plan and to help you to build networks and gather influencers or resources.
  • Assist with personal development and acquire greater knowledge, awareness, experience, or contacts in development organizations
  • Learn from an experienced professional who will help you to fill any gaps in your knowledge, behaviors, thinking, experience, or skillset.
  • Support in times of transition, taking on a new role or responsibilities  so that , you can settle into a new position rapidly by talking things through with a mentor.
  • Gain knowledge and insights on what to do to move to move from a public sector position to the development sector and effectively manage the change that goes with it.
  • Be part of a network through which you can be supported with information and education on new opportunities for short-term and long-term assignments in the development sector

The Program:  

  1. Commences with A one-day capacity building seminar run by renown international development expert on Opportunities/ Careers in International Development and NGO sector and the Mentoring Plan. Seminars will hold at various locations in Nigeria as from 20th April 2021

Abuja Seminar: Date: 20th April 2021, from 10.00 – 3.00pm: Seminar Registration: N5000 for students, youth corpers with valid ID and N10,000 for others. Venue: ACHL Office in Kubwa, Abuja- (directions will be provided to registered participants)

NCDC COVID 19 protocols to be fully observed)!

Account Number for registration fees: Africa Centre for Health Leadership, 1017760031, Zenith Bank.

  1. Interested participants Register for the Mentoring Program- details to be provided to interested persons
  2. Mentors assigned to mentees for a period of 3 months with a possible 3-month extension
  3. Mentor and mentees are coordinated from ACHL office and can access useful resources from ACHL

For further information, please contact Deborah on 07032312423 or