Global Mentoring and Nurse Partnership Program (GMNP)



Global Mentoring and Nurse Partnership Program (GMNP)

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  • Are you a newly qualified Nurse in need of technical and other professional support from senior colleagues from around the world to move up in your career?
  • Or are you an experienced and dedicated nurse who is actively in practice but concerned about your future and needs the support, encouragement and guidance from successful nurse leaders around the world to help maximize your potential?
  • Are you a nurse from a developing country interested in advancing your profession in critical areas of nursing or specialities where requisite facilities and technology are not available in your country and you need guidance and support from colleagues from other countries?
  • Are you interested in nursing research but has inadequate information about how to access grants and other sources of funding for individual or institutional research?
  • Are you interested in learning about contemporary nursing leadership issues from nurses from around the world and how you can become an effective leader in the profession
  • Are you interested in capacity building including training opportunities for nurses in your country or outside your country?
  • Would like to participate in global public health and nursing events around the world?
  • Or do you have any issues in your practice that you would like to share with other colleagues from other countries so that you can learn from their experience? Be it ethical, legal and other concerns
  • Do you need support on how to deal with occupational health hazards in your workplace- be in physical, psychological, biological and chemical exposures
  • Do you have questions about practising your profession in any country of your choice and needs counselling support and advice on the steps to take?

The GMNP program is a platform where nurses are engaged to support their colleagues from around the world in solving practice and other professional issues.

It consists of a mentoring program through which interested nurses (mentees)  are paired with experienced nurses from any country of their choosing depending on the mentorship issues under consideration. The mentoring part entails the developing and maintaining a database of partners through which nurses ‘questions are answered and the professional challenges addressed. The third component is linking nurses with colleagues and institutions around the world who can help to provide solutions to their issues.

  • The main goal of this program is to contribute to the retention of nurses in African healthcare institutions through empowering them with the right information, skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their career. It is a program designed to boost nurses’ self-confidence, enhancing leadership and team skills, accelerate adjustment to the work environment and cultures, creating awareness about opportunities for advancement, enhancing communication skills, especially with the interdisciplinary team. It helps in stress reduction and in making nurses politically savvy and improving networking ability. It is also an opportunity to educate nurses on Legal and ethical issues and on human rights and prevention of violence and other hazards in the workplace


How to register for the program

This program is currently open to qualified and registered Nurses only.

An orientation seminar will be held as from 20th October 2018 in selected locations across the country; details will be provided upon registration.  The registration fee for the seminar and a six-month subscription to the service is subsidized as ACHL covers about 80% of the cost for participants. Hence participants will pay only $70 (N25000). Interested participants should send an email to for further details on how to make payments and confirm registration

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